Finance & Audit

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is an ad hoc committee that reviews the plans of work (POWs) submitted to the PTA each year, and prioritizes them according to the PTA's mission and the school's financial needs. That process informs the PTA's budget each year.

Who to Contact

The 2019-2020 finance committee includes Candance Pruett (email), Melanie Haupt (email), Rachel Henke (email), and Susan Grantham (email).

Audit Committee

The Audit (or Financial Reconciliation) committee is appointed by the President each May to review the PTA's books over the summer to make sure that the organization is following best practices with regards to its financials.

Who to Contact

The 2018-2019 audit committee included Halea Hayden (email) and Cailyn Bevier (email). The 2019-2020 committee will be nominated in May 2020.