What are the guidelines for picking up?


The 2019-2020 school year ends at 3pm for students in K-5th grade. The Pre-K schedule ends at 2:15pm.

Where to pick up

  • Pre-K students are dismissed outside in the back of the school by the circle drive at 2:15pm. Parents can drive through to pick up their child.

  • Kinder students are dismissed from classroom back doors of 2 classes. Parents part on neighborhood streets, avoiding Yates Dr., and walk to the back of their child’s classroom to pick up students.

  • 1st through 5th graders (and kindergarteners who have an older sibling at Brentwood) are dismissed from the covered blacktop on the circle drive. Parents are asked to either park on neighborhood streets, avoiding Yates Dr., or driving through the circle drive.

  • Students attending after school care, after school classes, or riding a bus will be escorted to their designated location. Be sure to keep your child’s teacher informed of where they should go after school.

Other pickup reminders:

  • Dogs are not permitted on school property during school hours, including dismissal.

  • Someone else picking up your kid? Make sure to write a note to your teacher, especially if that person is not listed as authorized to pick up your child on the registration form. People picking up children should be asked to show I.D.

  • Running late? Call the office at (512) 414-2039. Children not picked up by 3:10 p.m. are taken to the office.

  • Please limit the amount of time your car idles because of the fumes.

  • Drive slowly and watch out for kids walking to and from school!

  • Find out if your child is eligible to ride the bus on the Austin ISD website.